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Omvi Formulas

Omvi Formulas Liposomal Berberin 1000 mg Maximized Absorption, Trusted Quality, and AMPK Activation for Cardiovascular Health in Men and Women – Sugar-Free, Non-GMO. Optimize Well-being with 60 Capsules

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Omvi Formulas  Cellg8 Liposomal Berberine Highlights:

  • Enhanced Absorption: Achieve 12.6 times greater absorption than regular supplements, thanks to revolutionary liposomal technology.

  • Precision Delivery: Tiny lipid-based vesicles ensure targeted delivery of berberine HCL directly to your body's cells, minimizing waste during absorption.

  • Sustained Release: Experience a consistent and controlled release throughout the day, providing steady support with Liposomal Berberine HCI.

  • Stability Redefined: Our formulation shields berberine from degradation, ensuring sustained potency and effectiveness.

  • Quality Assurance: Manufactured in the USA under rigorous standards, Cellg8's Liposomal Berberine guarantees excellence in every serving for a premium supplement experience.